Care instructions:

You can wash the cloth at 30 ° C - 40 ° C in the washing machine. To protect it from shrinking, you should choose the lowest possible temperature for your cloth when you wash it for the first time so that the fabric can set.

Our cloths are pre-washed, but can shrink up to approx. 8% because it is a natural material.

Please do not put our cloths in the dryer. These care instructions will give you good diagonal stretchability and the length of the cloth. The exact washing and care instructions for your sandiia baby sling can be found on the sewn care label.

If your cloth has shrunk, it is best to iron it on a medium level. If it doesn't fit anymore, you can try another type of binding.


The most important information about carrying your baby at a glance:

1. Never use our wipes for babies under 3.5 kg or over 15 kg.

2. Make sure that your baby is always facing you in the sling.

So it is not exposed to overstimulation and can always withdraw,
if it likes.

In addition, an unnatural hollow back posture is avoided.

3. Your baby must be able to breathe.

The towel must never completely cover your baby's face.

No matter how cold it is outside!

4. Your baby must always be adequately supported.

The scarf should sit wrinkle-free on the back and the neck / head must be supported.

It is best to always hold one hand on your baby while you are carrying it.

5. Your baby's knees have to be slightly higher than the bottom.
Normally, your baby automatically adopts the spread-squat position.
This is how you should wear it!

6. The length of the cloth must always run from the hollow of the knee to the hollow of the knee.

7. Before using the sling for the first time, you should wash it once.
Although our goods are washed after weaving, the more often you wash and wear our baby sling, the softer it becomes.
Please avoid Fabric softener.

If you have any further questions about carrying, the best thing to do is to contact a carrying advisor in your city.