Baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Earth


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Light premium baby carrier - for everyday carrying

The light and very soft baby carrier Tiimeless impresses with our popular leopard pattern in warm earth tones.

For optimal weight distribution, the baby carrier is equipped with a comfortable, padded hip belt and extra softly padded leg openings. The headrest is also padded. The Tiimeless baby carrier is particularly comfortable because the shoulder straps run in an X-shape over the shoulder and can be fanned out. In this way they optimally distribute the weight of your baby and the straps do not come too close to your neck. The shoulder straps are ultra-thin, made from high-quality sling fabric, so you can carry your baby for hours.

The shoulder straps are attached with two buckles. So you can put your child down without waking them up (no loud Velcro!). The carrier is optimized so that you can put it on and take it off by yourself. From the sitting age you can also use it on your back. Use the included strap for this.

Ergonomically correct - for a healthy back

The leg bridge can be easily adjusted with the buttons on the inside and ensures that your baby sits in the correct and safe position in the carrier. It should always be adjusted so that it runs from the hollow of the knee to the hollow of the knee. Your baby will always sit in the recommended spread-squat position, i.e. the little legs are tucked in at least at a right angle and the back is slightly rounded.

You can download the instructions for use here.

From infant to toddler

Our baby carrier Tiimeless is suitable for newborns from 4 kg and small children up to 15 kg.

You can exchange your carrier within 28 days of receipt. You can find more information here.

Sun sail protects against UV radiation & supports the head

The baby carrier comes with a sun sail , which can be attached to the inside of the carrier with buttons. When rolled up, it can serve as an additional "neck pillow", when unrolled, it provides protection from UV rays and also protects the little head from buckling while sleeping, for example. The sun sail is attached to the holes in the shoulder straps with cords.

High quality jacquard fabric for you & your baby

The baby carrier is made of high-quality, resilient sling fabric made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and is produced in small quantities in Turkey.

You can remove small stains with soap and warm water. The stretcher is otherwise washable at 30°C. Please always wash them separately and without fabric softener. The buckles should be closed and it is best to use a wash bag/net.

Certified & hip-healthy baby carriers

Our baby carriers have been tested according to the European standard DIN EN 13209-2:2016-07 and classified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy product .

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