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The Sandiia® Halfbuckle Babycarrier is a perfect combination of a baby carrier and a sling. The bridge and shoulder straps can be individually adjusted, and the padded hip belt ensures comfortable weight distribution.

The lightweight and very soft sandiia® Halfbuckle Babycarrier is made of high-quality sling fabric and ensures optimal weight distribution through:

  • A comfortable, padded hip belt
  • Extra soft-padded leg openings
  • A padded headrest
  • X-shaped, slightly padded shoulder straps that run over the shoulder.
  • Shaping baby wrap fabric made of 100% organic cotton

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sandiia® Halfbuckle Carrier Smiilesandiia® Halfbuckle Carrier Smiile
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sandiia® Halfbuckle Carrier Pearl Sale price€269,00 EUR
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sandiia® Halfbuckle Carrier Friida Sale price€269,00 EUR
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sandiia® Halfbuckle Carrier Black Sale price€269,00 EUR

"Developed in-house from the ground up"

The sandiia® founders developed the baby carrier by mums for parents!

Why a sandiia® halfbuckle baby carrier?

Discover sandiia® Baby Carriers: Your companion for closeness and security

Get ready to build a special bond with your baby and have your hands free at the same time with our high-quality sandiia® Halfbuckle Baby Carrier. Developed with a focus on comfort and safety, our baby carrier is the ideal solution for active parents who want to keep their little one close by, no matter where they go.

Comfort first: Our ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort for you and your baby. Padded shoulder straps and a supportive hip belt distribute weight evenly to relieve strain on your back and shoulders.

Versatile positions: Whether your baby prefers to face forward (only possible on the back), explore the world, or cuddle up for a nap, our carrier offers versatile carrying options that keep up with your baby's growth and development.

High-quality materials: Made from breathable, natural fabrics, the sandiia® Halfbuckle Baby Carrier keeps your baby cozy and secure. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, regardless of your baby's size.

Easy for on the go: Busy parents will appreciate our quick and easy closure system that allows you to effortlessly put your baby in and out of the carrier. Perfect for errands, walks in the park, or even around the house.

Bonding time: Studies show that babywearing can strengthen the parent-child bond. Our baby carrier allows for skin-to-skin contact and promotes a sense of security for your little one.

Unique designs: The high-quality jacquard fabric means the patterns are not printed on, but elaborately woven in.

Female Owned Business: sandiia® was founded by two moms. They also developed the baby carriers and designed them according to their experiences and wishes. Here you support Female Founders!

What is a Halfbuckle Baby Carrier?

A halfbuckle baby carrier is a type of baby carrier that uses a combination of a baby wrap and a buckle system. The term "halfbuckle" refers to the half (half) use of buckles (buckle) in contrast to full buckle systems.

Typically, a halfbuckle baby carrier consists of a baby wrap fabric that is used for the support and comfort of the baby, and buckles or straps that go around the waist and over the shoulders of the wearer. The hip belt is often fastened with a buckle, while the shoulder straps can be adjusted with straps. This allows for a custom fit to the size and shape of the wearer.

Halfbuckle carriers offer a good mix of flexibility and convenience. The baby wrap fabric provides the soft, woven support for the baby, while the buckles or straps allow for easier handling compared to pure baby wraps. This type of carrier is well suited for parents who appreciate the benefits of a baby wrap but also prefer the convenience and speed of a buckle carrier.

Why choose sandiia®?

When it comes to the comfort and safety of your baby, only the best is good enough. Sandiia is dedicated to providing high-quality baby products that parents can trust. Our baby carrier is highly praised by parents, midwives, and babywearing consultants who have experienced the benefits firsthand.

Experience parenthood your way

With the sandiia® Halfbuckle Baby Carrier, you can enjoy parenthood to the fullest while still living your active lifestyle. Our carrier is not just a baby accessory - it allows you to create lasting memories and build a strong bond with your little one.

Check out our collection today and make the Sandiia Baby Carrier an essential part of your parenting journey. The comfort of your baby and your peace of mind are our top priority.

Additional benefits of using a sandiia® Halfbuckle Baby Carrier:

Promotes healthy development for your baby

Reduces stress and anxiety for both baby and parent

Can help with colic and reflux

Free up your hands to do other things

Makes it easier to get around

Provides a sense of closeness and security for your baby

Order your sandiia® Halfbuckle Baby Carrier today and start enjoying the benefits of babywearing!