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Article: 7 tips for carrying in a sling

7 Tipps für das Tragen im Tragetuch

7 tips for carrying in a sling

First of all, using a sling is not as complicated as it looks. It just takes practice and is really fun once you get the hang of it. It is not for nothing that there are true fans of slings and mums who even collect them.

There are a few tips we can give you so that you can use your sling safely.

1. You can theoretically use slings immediately after the birth of your baby. However, you should rest in the first few weeks and enjoy your confinement. You can use our wipes for babies from 3.5 kg to approx. 15 kg.

2. Make sure that your baby is always facing you in the sling. So it is not exposed to sensory overload and can always withdraw if it likes.

An unnatural hollow back posture is also avoided. When it gets bigger and wants to discover more, you can carry your child on your back. It faces the direction you are walking and can discover the world with you.

3. Your baby needs to be able to breathe. The cloth must NEVER completely cover your baby's face. No matter how cold it is outside!

4. Your baby must always be adequately supported. The sling should sit wrinkle-free on the back and the neck/head must be supported. You can wrap a gauze cloth in the sling for additional neck support. It is best to always keep one hand on your baby while carrying it.

5. Your baby's knees need to be slightly higher than their bottom. Normally, your baby automatically adopts the spread-squat position. That's how you should wear it too!

6. The cloth web must always run from the hollow of the knee to the hollow of the knee.

7. Before using the cloth for the first time, you should wash it once. Our goods are washed after weaving, but the more often you wash and wear our baby sling, the softer it becomes. There may be some shrinkage at first, but that's normal.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us or visit a babywearing consultant in your city.

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