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"With our products, we prove that functionality, such as that of baby carriers, for example, and stylish design do not have to be mutually exclusive."

Our values


We have the highest demands on ourselves and our products. We are therefore involved in all processes and develop our products ourselves. They are manufactured in a small factory in Turkey. "Made in Europe" also applies to development, packaging and delivery.


We set high standards for our environmental footprint. We pay attention to biological materials, short transport routes, small order quantities, plastic-free packaging, etc. Our baby carriers are durable products that are also "passed on" to friends and family.


All products are personally developed by us. With a lot of love, passion & lifeblood. Very close to the pulse of time and with an eye for details 🥰⁠ We stand behind what we do 100 percent. We take feedback to heart and incorporate it into our products.

Our vision

Happy Babies & Parents

We want to connect parents with their babies. Giving you the possibility of familiar closeness even after the birth. We believe carrying babies is a primal instinct and essential for infant survival. The advantages are apparent. Luckily, wearing them has become more natural in recent years. We want to do our part and make it even more stylish and easier to wear.

Nice wear

We attach great importance to optically beautiful, simple and contemporary baby carriers. Starting with eye-catching designs and colors, we also want to offer timeless models. Our vision: with us everyone should be able to find their dream carrier.

Female Empowerment

We founded when we returned to our jobs from parental leave. In addition to children, work, household and marriage, founding a company took a lot of energy. But it also strengthened us, encouraged our ideas, welded us together and taught us a few things. We would also like to encourage other women (mom or not) to hold on to their dream and fight for it. team up Bundle your ideas and strengths. Use your strength as women!

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