Our free service for
you & your baby

We offer you a FREE babywearing consultation with our professional babywearing consultant Julia. Of course, you can only take advantage of this advice if you own a sandiia baby carrier.

If you are still unsure how to put on your sandiia baby carrier correctly, please first take a look at our tutorials and our instructions.

Are you still unsure or do you have the feeling that something is not quite right?

No problem, Julia is there for you.

She will answer your questions and give you tips & tricks about
carrying with our baby carrier.

You can write her an e-mail or alternatively arrange an online babywearing consultation with Julia. In a personal conversation, she will show you how to put on the sandiia baby carrier correctly and what needs to be considered.

Would you like to email Julia a question and possibly also send her photos? Then send the email to trageberatung@sandiia.de

Would you like to arrange a video call?

Book your FREE babywearing consultation here!