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That's how it all started! The history of sandiia®

Founding of sandiia®

June 1, 2018

Natalie Burba (left) and Hodays Badie (right) found sandiia®. The first milestone is done!

Gewebtes Babytragetuch aus Baumwolle. Hergestellt in Deutschland. Made in Germany. Frida Kahlo-Design.

In the weaving mill

April 2, 2019

The first designs are woven in a weaving mill in Germany.

Say Cheese!

April 28, 2019

The first shooting takes place in Mallorca.

We are online!

May 11, 2019

The online shop with 5 different slings goes live.

Development of a baby carrier

Spring 2020

We are developing a baby carrier made of sling fabric that should be of particularly high quality, stable and simple.

Our first baby carriers are ready

October 2020

Our baby carrier Tiimeless is ready and can go into production.

Babytrage Babycarrier Tiimeless Leopard Muster Biobaumwolle Fullbuckle Sandiia

Shooting baby carriers

November 2020

We start with two baby carriers in the designs "Friida" and "Leodiia Snow". Our shooting takes place in the center of Düsseldorf. In the middle of the first Corona autumn.

More wearing, more photos

May 2021

We're expanding our baby carrier designs because they're a huge hit. Even with the fathers ;)

shopping bags

December 2022

We are expanding our range with matching shopping bags made from our sling fabric.

Plain colored baby carriers

May & June 2023

The first baby carriers without a pattern arrive at the warehouse. The demand is huge!