Sandiia baby carriers bring
glamor and style to your everyday life as a parent.

We're Hodays (right) and Natalie (left) from sandiia and we're on a mission: baby carriers should be fun and beautiful. This idea came to us back in 2016 when we were both still working together in a large advertising agency. That's where we got to know each other.

We had just become moms ourselves and thought: we had children, now we can do everything! (looks familiar?) Colleagues had already become friends back then and now we've also become business partners. An exciting journey that has taken us on many paths so far.

Our idea of ​​eye-catching slings & carriers that are fun came to us here in Düsseldorf, a city where style and fashion are omnipresent. It was therefore only logical to also design slings & baby carriers that can keep up with current trends.

Our style is inspired by parents for whom 0815 is not an option. For parents who value quality and who are looking for something special. We wish you lots of fun with our stylish Sandiia products!

Your Natalie & Hodays

P.S.: Sandia means watermelon in Spanish. The watermelon is often used towards the end of pregnancy as a symbol for the baby bump. With our Sandiia carriers, you can always carry your “watermelon” with you, even after the birth ;) The two “i” in Sandiia stand for two individuals who become one again with our slings. You and your baby!