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Zärtliche Momente: Die 3 schönsten Rituale zum Wickeln

Tender moments: The 3 most beautiful swaddling rituals

Changing your baby's nappy is not just an everyday care activity for your baby, but also a wonderful opportunity to share tender moments. To make this time even more enjoyable, you can introduce re...

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Babytrage und/oder Kinderwagen?

Baby carrier and/or stroller?

You're faced with the important decision between a baby carrier and a stroller, and today we want to show you why the baby carrier is a fantastic cho...

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So war die Instyle Mini & Me Lounge in München

This was the Instyle Mini & Me Lounge in Munich

On October 14, 2023 the time had finally come. Our first event in which we took part as an exhibitor: The Instyle Mini & Me Lounge was a unique experience designed for families and offered l...

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Das sandiia®-Allwettercover für Babytragen: Schutz, Komfort und Funktionalität

The sandiia® all-weather cover for baby carriers: protection, comfort and functionality

As winter approaches, it's especially important for parents to keep their little ones warm and protected while they enjoy the fresh air and do everyday activities. This sea...

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sandiia X InStyle Mini & Me Lounge

sandiia X InStyle Mini & Me Lounge

The InStyle Mini & Me Lounge is entering its second round this year and is looking forward to seeing all the stylish mommies and daddies and their kids! InStyle invites you to the InStyle Mini ...

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Mythos: Verwöhne ich mein Baby, wenn ich es trage?

Myth: Am I spoiling my baby when I carry him?

As parents, we want the best for our babies, and we are often unsure if we are giving them too much attention and closeness. A question that comes up again and again is: "Am I spoiling my baby w...

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sandiia® als Favorit der GLAMOUR-Redaktion

sandiia® as the favorite of the GLAMOR editors

Shopping and supporting women: It's possible! The GLAMOR editorial team presents their favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands founded and run by women ...

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Neu: Unser Weiterempfehlungsprogramm

New: Our recommendation program

There are numerous choices in the world of baby carriers, but few match the quality and comfort that parents and their babies need. As a content creator, midwife or babywearing consultant, it is...

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Interview mit den Gründerinnen von sandiia®

Interview with the founders of sandiia®

Who is actually behind the sandiia brand? They are two friends and moms who got together in 2018 to fulfill a big dream: -How did you two meet?  We met in an advertising agency in Düsseldorf in...

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sandiia® im Mama-Mutmacher Podcast

sandiia® in the mom-mutmacher podcast

Our first podcast talk is online! Natalie Burba in conversation: She is one of the two founders of Sandiia®. We talk about the history of the brand, the development of the range, her favorite ...

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