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Preparing the baby carrier

Leg strap adjustment with buttons

For an optimal squat spread position, the web width can be adjusted in 4 steps to the leg length of your baby. Set the bridge so wide that it reaches from the hollow of your child's knees to the hollow of his knees.
Please note: The months given are a guideline. This information may vary from baby to baby.

From birth

Adjust the stirrup to its lowest level by folding over the padded leg openings and securing to the top buttons.

From about 4 months

If you notice that the bridge is too narrow, you can use the 3rd button from the outside from about 4 months. Now you no longer have to fold down the leg openings.

From about 8 months

If you notice that the bar is set too narrow, you can use the next step from about 8 months.

From approx. 12 months

Now you can take the widest setting when your child is older.

Measure the web width

Our carrying consultant Dorina will show you how to measure the width of the bridge.

Step by step

Baby Carrier Instructions Front

The Tiimeless grows with your baby. This means that settings on the baby carrier will need to be changed over time.

When putting on the hip belt, make sure that the stretcher is centered (ie not shifted to the right/left) and rather sits a little too high, i.e. too low.

You should be able to kiss your baby on the head. Does the buckle on your back bother you? No problem, you can also push it to the side before putting it on and close it there.

Do you want your baby to be able to look ahead? Please wait until it can hold its head up by itself and then carry it on its back . It should never be carried in the front of the stretcher facing forward.

Why not? As it can be harmful to your child's hip. The back cannot round and the spread-squat position cannot be granted. In addition, the baby can suffer from sensory overload because it cannot turn its head away. However, you can carry it on your back once it can sit up on its own.

Step 1

Hold the baby carrier facing you and overhead in front of you.

Step 2

Fold down the waist belt. Place hip belt at waist. Depending on the size of the child: further up or down.

Step 3

Close the hip belt using the buckle and tighten.

Step 4

Place your child in the carrier with the belly facing you over the hip belt. So that your bodies touch. Pay attention to the correct squat spread posture. The legs should be tucked at at least a right angle. This means that the knees must be higher than the buttocks and not hang straight down

Step 5

Flip up the front of the stretcher. Always keep one hand on the child.

Step 6

Now fasten the first shoulder strap crosswise using the buckle

Step 7

Tighten the strap. Make sure that your baby's hands are not constricted. You can roll up the buckles and fasten them with the elastic.

Step 8

Now fasten the second shoulder strap crosswise using the buckle.

Step 9

You can fan out the shoulder straps as you like. As is comfortable for you. Can you kiss your baby on the head? Perfect - ready to go!


Here you can see how you can easily put the carrier on. (sound on!)

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