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sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Balance Salbeiisandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Balance Salbeii
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Smiilesandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Smiile
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Sandsandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Sand
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Friidasandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Friida
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Blacksandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Black
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Snowsandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Snow
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Palmdiia Puresandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Palmdiia Pure
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Balance Blushsandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Balance Blush
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Pepiitasandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Pepiita
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Mokkasandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Mokka
Save €20,00sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Earthsandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Earth
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Leodiia Earth Sale price€219,00 EUR Regular price€239,00 EUR
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Cloudsandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Cloud
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Pearlsandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Pearl
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Indiigosandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Indiigo
sandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Seaweedsandiia® baby carrier Tiimeless Seaweed
sandiia® Babytrage Tiimeless Blacksandiia® Babytrage Tiimeless Black
sandiia® Babytrage Tiimeless Black Sale price€239,00 EUR

Der leichte und sehr weiche sandiia® Babycarrier ist aus hochwertigem Tragetuchstoff und sorgt für eine optimale Gewichtsverteilung!

❤️ Hier sind 14 Gründe, warum du die Babytrage lieben wirst:

✔️ Angelegt in wenigen Sekunden
✔️ Gepolsterte Kopfstütze PLUS abnehmbare Kopfstütze
✔️ Stabiler, bequemer & gepolsterter Hüftgurt
✔️ X-förmige, leicht gepolsterte Schultergurte, die über den Schultern verlaufen
✔️ Bequemes Tragen stundenlang
✔️ Wächst mit deinem Baby mit
✔️ Extra weichgepolsterte Beinöffnungen
✔️ Minimalistisches Design
✔️ 100% Bio-Baumwolle
✔️ Formgebender Tragetuchstoff
✔️ Fair Hergestellt in Europa
✔️ Female Founder– von Mamas entwickelt
✔️ Inklusive GRATIS Online-Trageberatung
✔️ Für beide Elternteile geeignet

Why a sandiia® baby carrier?

Discover the sandiia® baby carriers: your companion for closeness and security

Get ready to bond with your baby hands-free with our premium sandiia® baby carrier. Developed with a focus on comfort and safety, our baby carrier is the ideal solution for active parents who want to have their little one with them wherever they go.

  1. Comfort first: Our ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort for you and your baby. Padded shoulder straps and a supportive waist belt distribute weight evenly to relieve strain on your back and shoulders.
  2. Versatile Positions: Whether your baby likes to face forward (only possible on back), to explore the world, or to snuggle up for a snooze, our carrier offers versatile carrying options that keep pace with your baby's growth and development.
  3. High-quality materials: Made from breathable, natural fabrics, the sandiia® baby carrier keeps your baby cozy and secure. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, no matter your baby's size.
  4. Easy on-the-go: Busy parents will appreciate our quick and hassle-free closure technology, allowing you to get your baby in and out of the carrier effortlessly. Perfect for errands, walks in the park or even around the house.
  5. Snuggle time: Studies show that carrying your baby can strengthen parent-child bonds. Our baby carrier allows skin-to-skin contact and promotes a sense of security for your little one.

Why choose sandiia®?

When it comes to your baby's comfort and safety, only the best is good enough. Sandiia is dedicated to providing quality baby products that parents can trust. Our baby carrier is highly acclaimed by parents, midwives and babywearing consultants who have seen the benefits firsthand.

Experience parenting your way

With the sandiia® baby carrier you can enjoy parenthood to the fullest and at the same time do justice to your active lifestyle. Our carrier isn't just a baby accessory - it allows you to create lasting memories and create a strong bond with your little one.

Check out our collection today and make the Sandiia baby carrier an essential part of your parenting journey. Your baby's comfort and peace of mind are our top priority.