Why we founded sandiia

Baby carriers, slings and a number of other must-haves for parents can now be found on every corner. So why did we start a label for moms? Because we believe that baby slings are more than just a tool to carry your baby close to you. There are now (luckily) numerous brands and start-ups that have recognized that pregnant women want to dress in fashion too.

But what about after the birth? What about those weeks and months when women struggle with their own bodies and have to take care of a baby at the same time? Even then, mums want to feel good, treat themselves to something and even stand out.

When we became mums, we looked for slings like ours. No, not at all. We didn't even bother with the subject of slings because we didn't like all the slings on the market. They just didn't go with our style. There are now some simple and very high-quality slings. And there is us! We offer high quality slings with eye-catching and fashionable designs. With such patterns that we like to wear.

And hopefully you too.