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Was passt zu Dir – Babytragetuch oder Babytrage?

What suits you – baby sling or baby carrier?

A baby carrier and baby sling are two popular ways to carry your baby close to your body. While both methods have their advantages, there are specific reasons why a baby carrier might be a bette...

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Bonding nach der Geburt: Warum es wichtig ist und wie man es fördern kann

Bonding after childbirth: why it's important and how to encourage it

The birth of a child is a crucial event in the life of every family. It is a time of joy, but also of adjustment and learning. One of the most important aspects that parents should consider in t...

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Kann mein Baby in der Babytrage auch nach vorne schauen?

Can my baby look forward in the baby carrier?

Carrying babies is super practical, popular and a win-win situation for both child and parents. In addition, carrying it in our sandiia® baby carrier is easy and uncomplicated. However, we get a...

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Wenn Euer Baby größer wird, ist unsere Toddlertrage für Euch da!

As your baby grows, our toddler carrier is there for you!

A toddler carrier is a baby carrier that is suitable for older babies and toddlers. In contrast to conventional baby carriers, which can usually be used up to a weight of app...

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SPOTTED: Wir sind im ELTERN-Magazin 3/2023

SPOTTED: We are in ELTERN magazine 3/2023

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Jetzt neu! Unsere riesigen Shopping-Bags

Now New! Our giant shopping bags

Do you already know our new shopping bag? You could also call it diaper bag, mom bag, yoga bag or bag. It is a practical and stylish bag for parents with enough storage space for everything you nee...

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Die ersten Tage nach der Geburt 👶

The first days after birth 👶

The first few days after giving birth are unique and unforgettable for every mother. They are marked by joy, love and exhaustion. In the first few days after giving birth, as a mother, you are...

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Was ist eigentlich ein aktiver Tragling?

What exactly is an active baby?

You have certainly heard the term in connection with carrying. A human baby is fully developed and is born with complete sensory organs and hair. However, independent locomotion is impossible an...

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So stellst Du den Beinsteg richtig ein!

This is how you adjust the leg bridge correctly!

In a recent post we explained what the M position is and why it is so important. Now we will clarify how best to adjust the bridge between your baby's knees. Since a newborn baby automatically sq...

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10 Ideen: So hilfst Du frischgebackenen Eltern

10 ideas: How to help new parents

How to support a new mom - seems obvious, doesn't it? That's not true. Ask any new mom and we bet she's had to serve visitors a cup of tea when she'd rather have napped. Adjusting to a new baby in ...

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