10 facts about the baby carrier Tiimeless!

We are happy! We have been working on our new baby carriers for more than a year. We have tried many things, overturned them and made new ones. Until we liked the carrier and most importantly: until we found it particularly comfortable. For mom and baby!

What makes the baby carrier so special? Here are 10 facts about our new baby carrier Tiimeless:

  1. The baby carrier weighs less than 500 g and is therefore super comfortable to carry and transport.

  2. The baby carrier is made of sling fabric, which is particularly robust, comfortable and stable.

  3. The fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and was woven in Austria.

  4. We have added extra soft padding to the head position, the legs and the hip belt.

  5. The leg bridge can be infinitely adjusted with a loop.

  6. The shoulder straps can be fanned out and optimally distribute the baby's weight over your shoulders. They are particularly flat and don't get in the way under tighter jackets, for example.

  7. The baby carrier was made entirely in Europe.

  8. We produce in small quantities so that there is no overproduction and we protect the environment.

  9. Our baby carrier convinces with eye-catching patterns, but with a simple design without superfluous buckles or zippers.

  10. We only use high-quality acetal buckles with a patented click system for the baby carrier.

Are you as in love with the new baby carriers as we are?