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Article: How to help your baby sleep!

So hilfst Du Deinem Baby beim Schlafen!

How to help your baby sleep!

As a new parent, understanding and paying attention to your newborn's sleep patterns is a huge challenge. A newborn typically sleeps between 14 and 17 hours a day, which is vital to your child's healthy development.

To ensure your newborn gets enough sleep, you should provide a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. This includes a comfortable bed, a pleasant room temperature and a lot of physical closeness. Make sure your newborn sleeps in your bedroom with you for the first few weeks to bond with them and keep an eye on them at all times.

During the day, you should give your newborn the opportunity to experience enough light and sound to develop their circadian rhythm. However, make sure he's quieter at night to help him sleep through the night.

A baby carrier is an absolute must to offer your newborn closeness and comfort throughout the day while keeping your hands free. You can use the sandiia® baby carrier from a body weight of 3 kg.

In summary, it is important that your newborn gets enough sleep to promote healthy development. Make sure he has a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment, give him enough light and sound during the day to develop his circadian rhythm, and if necessary, use a baby carrier to give him closeness and comfort during the day.

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