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Article: This is how you adjust the leg bridge correctly!

So stellst Du den Beinsteg richtig ein!

This is how you adjust the leg bridge correctly!

In a recent post we explained what the M position is and why it is so important. Now we will clarify how best to adjust the bridge between your baby's knees.

Since a newborn baby automatically squats its legs on its back, it is a good idea to lay out the baby carrier on the changing table with the adjustment option inwards and position your baby on it. The knees are crouched at the height of the bridge setting.

Now adjust the bridge, either with a ribbon or buttons, so that this area with the crouched little legs extends from the hollow of the knee to the hollow of the knee. If your baby doesn't automatically pull their legs up at this point, feel free to support this position by placing your palms under their feet and triggering the reflex.

Alternatively, you can measure the distance from the hollow of the knee to the hollow of the knee with a tape measure and set the measured width on the bridge.

The best way to check whether your baby is sitting well in the carrier is in front of the mirror. Here you can see whether the bridge is wide enough and whether your baby's knees are higher than their bottom. A clear M position should be evident.

Check this setting regularly and adjust it several times a year as your child grows. At the latest when you bump into your baby's feet with your thighs while walking, you realize that the bridge has to be widened so that the knees can be squatted properly again.

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