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Article: What exactly is an active baby?

Was ist eigentlich ein aktiver Tragling?

What exactly is an active baby?

You have certainly heard the term in connection with carrying. A human baby is fully developed and is born with complete sensory organs and hair. However, independent locomotion is impossible and therefore human babies have the clinging reflex to hold on to their mother.

A typical feature of a human baby is the lack of tolerance to be left alone. Putting it down is hardly possible and is often signaled with violent tears. While our babies are happy in the arms and in the sling or carrying aid and usually fall asleep.
In contrast, hamsters or baby rats belong to the nest stools. Relatively undeveloped and helpless for a long time.

A precocial, on the other hand, can see, hear and move about immediately after birth. That would be, for example, horses or guinea pigs.

The passive baby, eg a baby kangaroo, is held in the mother's pouch and does not have to hold on to itself. This is because it matured only briefly in the womb and then continued to mature naked and blind in the pouch.

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