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Our collection shoot on Mallorca

Unser Kollektions-Shooting auf Mallorca

For our first campaign and the launch of our label, we organized a photo shoot on Mallorca. After Easter 2019, Hodays and I went to the island. The shooting took place at the Lazy Finca . Thank you very much again for giving us this opportunity.

Borris Burba photographed our 5 different baby slings at different locations on the site all day. There was a matching outfit for every baby sling, which our stylist Mariantonia Sampol put together. The beautiful, simple make-up and the boho curls conjured up Carolina Torstensson .

Dear Aranzazu Menckstern from Quadratmeta was our model and the various baby slings looked great on her.

Unfortunately the sun didn't come out very often that day, but in the end we were all super happy with the result and flew happy and satisfied back to Düsseldorf.

Thanks to the team and the commitment you showed!

Hodays and Natalie

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sandiia im BrigitteMom-Magazin

sandiia in BrigitteMom-Magazine

Unser großes Kampagnen-Shooting

Our big campaign shoot

Warum wir sandiia gegründet haben

Why we founded sandiia

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