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Article: Myth: Am I spoiling my baby when I carry him?

Mythos: Verwöhne ich mein Baby, wenn ich es trage?

Myth: Am I spoiling my baby when I carry him?

As parents, we want the best for our babies, and we are often unsure if we are giving them too much attention and closeness. A question that comes up again and again is: "Am I spoiling my baby when I carry him?" In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at this topic and find out what it really means to hold your baby in your arms.

Proximity is essential

The bond between parent and child is crucial for the healthy development of a baby. Carrying a baby in the first few months of life naturally encourages this bond. It allows the baby to feel the closeness and security of its parents, which promotes emotional development and lays the foundation for a secure attachment. This doesn't mean spoiling your baby; it means that you are meeting his needs for closeness and comfort.

Pampering vs. fulfilling needs

The concept of pampering is often misunderstood. Parents should differentiate between meeting their baby's needs and over-indulging. When you respond to your baby's needs, he or she develops a sense of security and trust. Babies cannot be "spoiled" in the first few months because they are not yet capable of manipulation or being intentionally "pampered." You can only "spoil" a child by doing things for him that he can already do himself.

The benefits of babywearing

Wearing your baby has numerous benefits beyond bonding:

  1. Promote development : Wearing allows baby to explore the world from a safe perspective. It supports the development of balance and motor skills.

  2. Safety and Comfort : Babies feel safe and secure around their parents. This can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  3. Practicality : With a baby carrier, you can free your hands to do everyday tasks without breaking the bond.

  4. Make breastfeeding easier : Carrying makes breastfeeding on the go easier and allows for a better connection between mother and baby.

The transition to independence

A common misconception is the idea that carrying a baby leads to permanent dependency. In reality, wearing something facilitates the gradual development towards independence. When a baby experiences security and closeness in the first few months, he or she will be more confident and independent in later stages of life.


Carrying your baby is not pampering, but a natural way to respond to his or her needs for closeness and comfort. It promotes secure attachment and has numerous benefits for your child's development. Trust that by carrying your baby, you are meeting his needs and giving him the best possible foundation for his future. Babies cannot be pampered by giving them love and closeness. On the contrary, this is the way we help them grow up strong, safe and happy.

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