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Article: sandiia® as the favorite of the GLAMOR editors

sandiia® als Favorit der GLAMOUR-Redaktion

sandiia® as the favorite of the GLAMOR editors

Shopping and supporting women: It's possible! The GLAMOR editorial team presents their favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands founded and run by women

Female-owned Businesses: For the new series “ByWomen” (yes, you guessed it, a pun on “Buy Women” and “By Women”), GLMOR showcases brands founded and run by women. And sandiia® is there!

For the new ByWomen initiative, the GLAMOR editorial team has done the research work and in recent months has been dealing with hundreds of companies in the fields of style, beauty, wellness and interiors that are 100 percent run by women or a group of women. Within this initiative, GLAMOR would like to present the wide range of large and small brands that are run by women.

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