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Article: As your baby grows, our toddler carrier is there for you!

Wenn Euer Baby größer wird, ist unsere Toddlertrage für Euch da!

As your baby grows, our toddler carrier is there for you!

A toddler carrier is a baby carrier that is suitable for older babies and toddlers. In contrast to conventional baby carriers, which can usually be used up to a weight of approx. 10-15 kg, our toddler carrier can be used up to a weight of approx. 20 kg.

Our toddler carrier offers many benefits for parents who want to carry an older child. For one, it's a convenient way to carry the child on longer walks or hikes without having to carry them all the time. On the other hand, carrying in a toddler carrier can be a great help when the child is tired or fussy and does not want to walk anymore.

When carrying in our toddler carrier, parents should also ensure that the child is seated securely and comfortably and has sufficient visual contact. They should also take regular breaks to get the child out of the carrier and give them a chance to move and play.

All in all, carrying in our toddler carrier is a beautiful and practical way to strengthen the bond between parents and child and to explore the world together.

Our Toddlercarrier ensures optimal weight distribution through ...

  • ... a comfortable, stable hip belt with EVA material
  • ... extra soft padding leg openings
  • ... a padded headrest
  • ... X-shaped, lightly padded shoulder straps that run over the shoulder.

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