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Article: Can my baby look forward in the baby carrier?

Kann mein Baby in der Babytrage auch nach vorne schauen?

Can my baby look forward in the baby carrier?

Carrying babies is super practical, popular and a win-win situation for both child and parents. In addition, carrying it in our sandiia® baby carrier is easy and uncomplicated. However, we get asked one question very often, which is why we would like to go into it in more detail here.

Is it okay for the baby to be carried facing forward in a baby carrier? The answer is no, it is not recommended to have a baby face forward in a baby carrier.

Some baby carriers on the market allow the baby to be carried either forwards or backwards. Many parents find it attractive to carry the baby facing forward so they can see and experience the world around them. This can be very appealing to parents because they feel like their baby can see and learn more of the world.

However, there are good reasons why experts advise against using baby carriers that carry the baby facing forward.

1. One of the most important reasons is that being in this position is very tiring for the baby. When the baby looks forward, their back curves unnaturally, which can cause spinal stress. This is just not good for such a small and delicate baby. And we therefore strongly advise against it.

2. In addition, carrying a baby forward can also affect the baby's hip. Carrying the baby in this position will cause the baby's legs to be spread apart and constantly held in a splayed position, which can lead to hip problems.

3. It can also be very overwhelming for the baby to be constantly surrounded by stimuli without being able to withdraw or feel safe and secure. Sensory overload can make the baby restless, less able to calm down and feel overwhelmed.

For all these reasons, experts recommend that parents should always carry their baby backwards in a baby carrier. This gives the baby a more natural and comfortable position that is also safer for the baby's spine and hips. Also, it can soothe baby and provide a safe and secure environment for baby to develop and grow.

When the baby is big enough and can sit up, you are welcome to carry it on your back. So it looks in the direction you are walking and can discover more of the world (unless it falls asleep comfortably, like in our picture below ☺️ )

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