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Article: Our baby carrier is recognized as a "hip healthy" product

Unsere Babytrage ist als "hüftgesundes“ Produkt ausgezeichnet

Our baby carrier is recognized as a "hip healthy" product

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) recognizes our sandiia Tiimeless baby carrier as a "hip healthy" product. Why is this so important?

Before your baby is born, it spends 10 months in its mother's womb. Here it has little space and adjusts its body shape. It resembles a "C" after birth. This posture warms your child and simplifies digestion. As the posture straightens, there should be as little stress on the hip as possible. It is therefore advisable to carry the child in such a way that its legs are in a so-called M-position.

In the carrier, your baby sits in the so-called squat spread position (M position). Your baby adopts this posture automatically when you pick it up. It tightens the legs. However, not directly in front of the body, but to the side. Just like a frog. Even when your baby is lying on its back, it pulls its legs up.

When carrying it, always make sure that your baby adopts this position and adjust the carrier accordingly.

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