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Article: 6 reasons why your baby doesn't like being carried and what you can do about it

6 Gründe, warum Dein Baby das Tragen nicht mag und was Du dagegen tun kannst

6 reasons why your baby doesn't like being carried and what you can do about it

First you should know that babies are born. That means they are born to wear, so to speak. They love being very close to mom and dad. Hearing their heartbeat, sensing the smell and warmth of their bodies. In addition, babies have a hand grip reflex from birth: With this, babies can hold on to their carrier surprisingly strongly for a short time. Babies automatically go into the spread-squat position when they are picked up. The rounded back also allows them to nestle perfectly against the wearer.

If your baby still doesn't like being carried in the sandiia baby carrier, then please go through this checklist and above all: take your time and try it out again and again.

      1. Is the stretcher adjusted correctly?
        Please always make sure that the stretcher is adjusted correctly. You can read here how to do this. Make sure your baby slides properly into the carrier and has a rounded back. It should always be in the spread-squat position. The middle bar of the carrier should reach from the hollow of the knee to the hollow of the knee and the bottom of your baby should be below the knee.
      2. Is your baby wearing the right clothes?
        Make sure you dress your baby in comfortable clothes in the carrier. That means: no tight pantyhose that might pull on your feet. No clothes made of synthetic fibers that make you sweat. Tops should always be without a hood, collar or buttons on the chest or back. Your clothing should also not have any large buttons, cords or zippers in the décolleté and neck area. Of course, your baby must not freeze or sweat in the carrier. Remember that it gets a lot of body heat from you in the stretcher!
      3. Is your baby hungry?
        Your baby should be put into the carrier full. So you can be sure that it feels good. Maybe it falls asleep directly in the stretcher after feeding?
      4. Is your baby in pain right now?
        Tummy gas, pressure points, toothache? Sometimes babies are not feeling well and we just don't know why. It is precisely in such moments that your baby needs your closeness and may even be very happy if it can be with you in the carrier. Even if it cries at first, don't give up so easily. Sometimes children calm down relatively quickly and just have to get used to the new situation.
      5. Does your baby have a full diaper?
        It's understandable that your baby doesn't like sitting in the carrier with a full diaper. So do the diaper check beforehand and in between!
      6. Does your baby sense your impatience or nervousness?
        You haven't had much practice carrying it yet and maybe you're nervous? Your baby feels it and can therefore also become insecure. Relax or seek help until you are confident and can put the stretcher on by yourself. Not only does your baby have to get used to it, carrying it may be new to you too. Take your time!

If all else fails, you can ask your midwife for advice or consult a babywearing consultant. If you have any questions about the baby carrier, please contact us at

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