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Was passt zu Dir – Babytragetuch oder Babytrage?

What suits you – baby sling or baby carrier?

A baby carrier and baby sling are two popular ways to carry your baby close to your body. While both methods have their advantages, there are specific reasons why a baby carrier might be a bette...

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10 Fakten zum Babycarrier Tiimeless!

10 facts about the baby carrier Tiimeless!

We are happy! We have been working on our new baby carriers for more than a year. We have tried many things, overturned them and made new ones. Until we liked the carrier and most importantly: unti...

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Das trägt Dein Baby im Sommer unter der Trage

This is how you carry your baby in summer!

Finally the sun is shining and you can be out and about with your baby or toddler. Very practical and stylish in the sandiia baby sling. We have a few tips ready to make wearing a scarf more comfo...

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Gewebtes oder elastisches Tragetuch?

Woven or elastic sling?

There are many different slings on the market. But a sling is not just a sling. Some are made of stretchy cloth and others are woven.

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Gewebte Babytragetücher: Made in Germany

Woven baby slings: Made in Germany

Did you know that our baby slings are made in Germany? We have the towels produced in a weaving mill in North Rhine-Westphalia. From the weaving mill, the fabrics go to a family-run sewing worksho...

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