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Was ist die M-Position?

What is the M position?

Our baby carriers are adaptable for the little ones. That means the leg bridge is adjustable with buttons. This is important to enable the anatomically correct spread squat position. What does s...

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Tragen ist mehr als Hände frei – das sind die unsichtbaren Vorteile von Babytragen

Carrying is more than hands-free - these are the invisible advantages of baby carriers

Are you still pushing or are you already carrying? Wearing is trendy. And wearing it must also match the fashion. We have made this our task. But wearing is not a fast-moving fad, but sustainable...

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Mit Baby stylisch durch den Tag | Die Babytrage von Sandiia

Stylish with baby throughout the day | The baby carrier from Sandiia

I wear the baby carrier with every outfit and it always fits! You can see and feel the quality every time you put it on and that's why, for me, it's simply part of good basic equipment. A re...

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So kleidest du dein Baby im Winter in der Trage

This is how you dress your baby in the carrier in winter

You are the best heater The current weather makes us ponder every day which clothes are suitable so that my baby does not freeze while being carried, but also does not overheat. Basically, yo...

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Unser Service: kostenlose Online-Trageberatung

Our service: free online babywearing advice from Julia

Book your FREE babywearing consultation with Julia now! Our free service for you & your baby We offer you a FREE babywearing consultation with our professional babywear...

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Trendfarbe 2022: Flieder

Trend color 2022: lilac

It's THE trend color that no one can ignore this year: lilac. The American company for color communication and technology Pantone, which has been specifying the color of the year every year since ...

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Die Mini-Me Puppentrage für Kinder

The Mini-Me doll carrier for children

When mom or dad carry the baby in the baby carrier, the big siblings usually want to do the same. With our doll carrier, children from 18 months can playfully emulate their parents and carry thei...

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6 Gründe, warum Dein Baby das Tragen nicht mag und was Du dagegen tun kannst

6 reasons why your baby doesn't like being carried and what you can do about it

If your baby still doesn't like being carried in the sandiia baby carrier, then please go through this checklist and above all: take your time and try it out again and again.

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Unsere Babytrage ist als "hüftgesundes“ Produkt ausgezeichnet

Our baby carrier is recognized as a "hip healthy" product

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) recognizes our sandiia Tiimeless baby carrier as a "hip healthy" product. Why is this so important? Before your baby is born, it spends 10 months ...

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Unser großes Kampagnen-Shooting

Our big campaign shoot

On May 17, 2021 the time had finally come - after weeks of planning and organization, our shoot took place in the Stock and Blonde Studio in Krefeld. Also included: our new baby carriers in particu...

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